At JJ Seal Group LLC, we are dedicated to helping retirees, retiree-wannabees, seniors and not-so-seniors enjoy their retirement more fully.

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Steps to Healthier Seniors

Welcome again to this Sunset Entrepreneur blog, dedicated to helping you Retire Healthy, Wealthy and Happy. In this inaugural post I promised to give you an outline of some topics we intend to cover over the coming weeks and months. These initial ones are geared toward the more senior of us Baby Boomers, but most ..
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Welcome to the Retire Healthy, Wealthy and Happy blog, managed by JJ Seal Group, LLC, and edited by Jim Bloodsworth, the Sunset Entrepreneur. We hope to create a one-stop site for all retirees, retiree-wannabees, seniors, not-so seniors, and just about anyone wanting to retire sooner than later, no matter what stage of life you find ..
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Our intention is to make this your one-stop community for healthy, wealthy and happy retirees and those who want to become one.