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Welcome to the Abundant Boomer Club, a Sunset Entrepreneur blog, managed by JJ Seal Group, LLC, and edited by Jim Bloodsworth, the Sunset Entrepreneur. We hope to create a one-stop site for all Baby Boomers: retirees, retiree-wannabees, seniors, not-so seniors, Early Boomers, Late Boomers, and just about anyone wanting to retire sooner than later, no ..
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Lesson 3: More Moderate Movement

Introduction It doesn’t take a gym membership, running a mile a day, or spending an hour on the treadmill in your living room to stay active. You can do this in just a few minutes every day. In fact, you may already be doing it and you just don’t know it. If not, then you ..
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Lesson 2: Correct Your Current Conditions

Introduction Now that we have determined where we are right now, and where we want to go, we can start the journey by correcting any deficiencies or issues we might have. Part 1: Treat any existing problems. Once we take the first step toward being healthier in our senior years, assessing our current state of ..
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Lesson 1: Assess Your Current State of Health

Skip to content Lesson 1: Introduction Retirement is something that most of us spend half our lives looking forward to. The idea of finally being able to say goodbye to long work hours and hello to spending our time the way we want to is massively appealing. But then comes reality, which for many people ..
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