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Jim Bloodsworth

Welcome to the Abundant Boomer Club, a Sunset Entrepreneur blog, managed by JJ Seal Group, LLC, and edited by Jim Bloodsworth, the Sunset Entrepreneur.

We hope to create a one-stop site for all Baby Boomers: retirees, retiree-wannabees, seniors, not-so seniors, Early Boomers, Late Boomers, and just about anyone wanting to retire sooner than later, no matter what stage of life in which you find yourself.

Over the course of our journey we hope to provide you with the resources and information that will help you Retire Healthy, Wealthy AND Happy.

Oh, did I neglect to mention that we also intend for this to become a forum for discussion among all of you who have, or are at least interested in, these same goals? Well, we do. And from time to time we will be inviting guest authors to provide valuable information and/or resources as well. And we invite you to make suggestions in the comments below about any information, resources and people you would like us to feature here.

Well, that’s a start, anyway, so I’ll sign off now and return shortly with our first article, which will be an outline of topics that we expect to be covering over the course of the next little while.

Hope you are having a fabulous life. See ya’ real soon!


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