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About Jim

Hi y’all. Welcome to the Abundant Boomer Club, a Sunset Entrepreneur blog, where we hope to help you Retire Healthy, Wealthy and Happy. In the way of introductions, let me tell you a little about me.

I’m a Christian family man, with a wife and nine children (hers, hers, mine and ours) who loves life and all it has to offer. I recently retired from government civil service after 42+ years working for the Department of Defense, both the Army and the Navy. I’m a mild mannered engineer by day and a brother, husband, father, grandfather and blogger by night (and on weekends, LoL).

I love photography, science & science fiction, all things aquatic (fish, fishing, swimming, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, boating), most things outdoors (hiking, camping, walking), family history, family stories, music (listening, not playing), singing (in a choir, not in the shower), teaching, public speaking, coaching and writing.

Over the past several years I have dabbled at entrepreneurship of nearly every kind, after being inspired by the writings of the “Robert brothers”: Robert Kyosaki (“Rich Dad, Poor Dad“) and Robert Allen (“Multiple Streams of Income“). I’ve tried MLM, or network marketing, eCommerce, affiliate marketing, stock photography, marketing consulting, you name it.

Along the way, I found that one thing I like to do is write. Well, to be honest, I’ve actually known that for most of my life, but what I learned late in life was that it was something that I could use to help others, and perhaps even earn income on the side. So this blog is an outlet for that gift (you’ll be the judges, if it’s a gift or a curse), and a way for me to share what I have learned, and am still learning, about preparing for and not just living through, but ENJOYING retirement, no matter what age you have reached.

Come along now and let’s travel this journey together, shall we?